9' Display Canoe

9' Display Canoe - Free Shipping

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Our 9' Display Canoe makes a stunning presentation in any cabin, home, or lodge. Other than its size and lack of a water-tight epoxy covering, this beautiful vessel actually is a real canoe! Built exclusively for Cabin and Lodge with the same materials and by the same master craftsmen as our full-size canoes, this 9-foot "mini" is just the right size to hang over a mantle, from a beam, or anywhere! Cherry wall brackets to mount it on the wall and miniature paddles are included to complete the display. Your choice of red or white cedar planking with either satin or gloss marine varnish. 9'L x 20"W x 8"D. This item must ship via common carrier.


The two finishes affect appearance only and do not change the product. A satin finish will not reflect the light as much as a gloss one. It is really a matter of personal preference which finish is used. As a guide, about 90% of our products have a gloss finish.

These are custom made to order and take about 8 weeks from start to ship.

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