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Mule Deer Chandelier with 12 Antlers

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You'll love this dramatic reproduction Mule Deer antler chandelier the first time you see it! It features 12 trophy Mule Deer antlers and 8 lights. Diameter is 29" and height is 17". These antlers are injection molded from authentic antlers and are so realistic even the most experienced woodsman can't tell the difference between these and the real thing.All wire and juntion boxes are concelaed within the antlers. Sockets are made from duplicate injection molded antlers at no extra charge...(see photo above). The entire fixture is approved by Underwriters Laboratories. The chandelier comes complete with heavy duty rustic chain, celing canopy and mounting hardware. Guaranteed satisfaction.Carefully packed and boxed and shipped by frieght for delivery to your home generally within three weeks. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR LARGER VIEW.