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Swimming Dolly Varden

$ 120.00

Needlepoint pillows are a beautiful expression of hand artistry and timeless beauty. Our regular decorative needlepoint pillows have roughly 100 stitches per square inch. Our Petit Point pillows have around 225 stitches per square inch for even greater detail. Several of our pillows are a mix stitch of regular Needlepoint and Petit Point stitch. A new technique we are using  is an embroidered chain stitch to create pillows in bold colors and designs. Also new, we have designed some printed pillows embellished with embroidery that capture stunning detail.

 Dolly Varden are freshwater fish. They have olive-brown or pale silver-gray body  overlain with orange to red spots. Beautiful and fun to catch and release...primarily found in the Northwest. Companion pillow to NCU847, NCU848,and NCU849

Companion pillow to  NCU-733, NCU-734



Handmade from 100% Wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. Removable insert. Dry Clean Only.

All pillows come with a poly insert. Down Stuffers are available as a luxurious alternative. Look for Part Number SD-1221 for a Down Stuffer suitable to give your  pillow a classic 'overstuffed' look.